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    Single use. Made in India
    ace masks are 3-ply protection, ear loop, easy breathable.
    Used in medical, dental, laboratory, food sectors, school, household, industry and multipurpose.

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    FRESH ALOE VERA LEAVES: This Aloe Vera Gel is made from the pure pulp of Aloe Vera Juice and is extracted within 4 hours of harvesting because the nutritional profile of Aloe Vera is known to decrease as time passes. Unlike many other gels, we do not freeze the Aloe leaves and juice them later. Therefore, our gel retains the natural healing properties of the Aloe plant itself. Highly versatile in nature, this Ayurvedic solution helps to keep the skin soft and supple across different seasons.
    FIGHTS SIGNS OF AGEING: Being a healthy skincare remedy, this pure aloe vera gel helps fight problems of acne, pimples and wrinkles. It gently hydrates and moisturises the skin, keeping dry skin and signs of ageing at bay. Applying this gel on sunburns, red spots and skin allergies helps provide a soothing effect.
    ACTS AS A MAKEUP PRIMER: With precise proportion of the ingredients under consideration, this herbal gel is designed to look after the skin-related needs of the entire family for healthier and more beautiful skin. Its anti-bacterial properties repair the skin from its roots and can be used as a healthy alternative to makeup primers that are loaded with chemicals that irritate the skin.